June 14, 2024

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Eto’o: The rejected Inter Milan cornerstone

They could have had  all to themselves but  they preferred his worth in cash instead. I  guess they got more than they bargained for. As Inter Milan sinks deeper into footballing recession, some people have had the courage to admit that the lethal Cameroonian striker’s absence can account for the Italian giant’s woes . One of such persons is energetic midfielder Thiago Motta who just left the sinking Inter ship for great -club- wannabe PSG. He admits in an interview with Italian sports mag Gazetta Dello Sport that “Eto’s transfer really hurt the club. Because he was one of the few players capable of always breaking the deadlock”. Similar words  have come  French journalists who have often been wrongly accused of downplaying Eto’o’s strikepower. Infosport journalists revealed that per season Eto’o all to himself was a 30 goal -producing machine but the three strikers who’ve stepped in after his departure have barely managed three. Well,what can we say, “be careful what you wish”. Money ain’t everything.