April 25, 2024

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Entertainment: “Le revenant” star in dire health straits

Most Cameroonian will remember him. When CRTV was THE CHANNEL, he was the lead actor in the hit T.V series “Le Revenant”. Marcel Mvondo II, for these  are his real names, is currently in a dire health situation. Despite recently losing one of his limbs after amputation due to a gangrene infection, the actor stills seems to be in a bad condition. This has triggered a fund raising drive led by his press agent Narcisse Mbarga, who also happens to be his grand-son. In a recent press statement, the agent says he hasn’t received any feedback from the Ministry of Culture despite contacting them. He nevertheless promises to make his grand-father spend his last days, if that is the case, decently (a house, a car and food). All those willing to help can call 99 96 16 62.