June 19, 2024

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Dr. Kapt: Artist and now Music Video Director and Producer

source:Facebook/Kukwa Tufon

Cameroonian Afro-hip-hop   star Dr. Kapt has once again hit the music scene. This time around  he is not only in front of the camera. He is equally behind it  as the director of the  music video for the tract “Dis love” by   Bamenda-based duo HoodFame. This tract is the promo video for their new album release “Watz Lyfe”. Other artists like Cool Boi and SG Khan equally feature on  the tract. This latest undertaking is another accolade to his credit and shows the versatility and determination of contemporary Cameroonian musicians to be present at every level of the industry. Such initiatives are what moguls are made of. It’s  a decent attempt. Take a look for yourselves.