March 4, 2024

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Douala Hip Hop Festival 2011 edition

The maiden edition of the Douala Hip Hop Festival ended in yesterday 30th December 2011 at the Soppo Stadium in Bonapriso, Douala under the auspices of the Delegation of Culture. The event was seasoned by a trail of performances by Valsero, Douty, Boudor, Jovi, Duc-Z, Terror, Ayriq Akam, Hobskur, VBH, Métissage, LAUREN BY, Sissongoh MC’S, Jah Stress, Kastra, Lord Erico, Urban Ladies, Sangoa Mboa, Dark Light, Izmo, Ivee, Dos legar, Juddah, Obidy Style, DJ Sunshine, Dj NAS, DJ AXEL FROST, and DJ EMDY.