May 30, 2024

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Ciana Releases Ozeile Nchiengo Video Teaser!

Following the success of ‘Bangwa Sense’ a year ago, Buea based rapping queen CIANA is about to reveal her blood, sweat and tears of the past year by releasing her first ever music video.

The video to her second release dubbed ‘Ozeile Nchiengo’ which in the Bangwa language translates as ‘you know I am better than you’ as she is heard say in the song ‘you know say I pass you’ reveals CIANA as ready and willing to put her own mark on the rising Cameroon music scene.

‘I am excited for the world to see what I have been cooking silently behind the scenes with my team and I believe I am now ready to bring my own contribution to our industry’ states CIANA whose real name is Caroline Takon Jabe.

The video teaser is revealed today with the official video to be released in a few week’s time.

YouTube Video Link:

 Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana

Facebook: Miss Ciana

YouTube: Miss Ciana