May 20, 2024

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masterchillThe CEO of Chillen Muzic,Nkwain Ettiene Chi has dispelled rumours about releasing Dr Kapt’s album before Sharen who is known as the label’s premiere artist.According to rumours that loomed the air,the label had decided to put Sharen on the bench for Dr Kapt for reasons being that Dr Kapt’s album has a more commercial appeal.Following concerts and gigs,it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Dr Kapt is a better performer.The controversy has been on for some time now but talking to Mr Chi Ettiene yesterday 11th January,he confided  that this was not true and that the public should be expecting Sharen’s debut release soon.

He also talked to NexDim about the Chillen Muzic Awards that has been postponed to Febuary this year.

SHAREN                                                                                                         DR KAPT

sharen-1-bw-150x150 DR KAPT