April 25, 2024

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Charlotte Dipanda: Two- concert tour billed for March

Cameroonian sweetheart Charlotte Dipanda is going to keep her promise. Just as she promised last December during the launch of her musical composition “Dube l ‘am” she will be in Cameroon this March for a series of concerts. This time around she will be accompanied by her entire band. Two live concerts have been slated: March 1 at Douala Bercy and March 3 at the Conference Centre in Yaounde. Since featuring alongside greats like Jeannot Hens in the song “Ndando“, the artist has built an impressive resumé this far working alongside world music powerhouses like Lokua Kanza,Manu Dibango and a string of others. With two albums to her name,the sultry singer is etching her name near others like Angelique Kidjo and Sally Nyolo. Her legend is slowly and steadily taking shape. During a performance at the “Promote” expo ,she moved a grown man to tears with her song “Na nde” . You can witness that surreal moment in the video below. Those wishing to attend the March concerts should remember:VIP ticket = 20,000 frs. The others cost  10 and 5,000 frs. respectively. Yeah,great music doesn’t come cheap.