March 5, 2024

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Cameroonian Hip Hop group: C’MINAIRE

C-Minaire is a Cameroonian rap group composed of three artists (BAD DJEZZ, Bouddah Fai-TAAH and  Jah Rahm) from the town of Yaounde best known for the concept of 6TM (cite M). Their style is basically Hip hop blended with African rhythms.
The help of Protector (one of the pioneers of  French Cameroon Hip Hop ) and  Mapane Records, enabled the group C-Minaire to get  integrated   into  ”Hip Hop Camer” .  The group had their breakthrough after the release of the  “Coca Cola Dream” compilation 2004.  Songs like “L’envol” and “Peuple Bassa”  were  used as promotional tracks of  the compilation.
They released a compilation of singles dubbed “4×4 Tout terrain”. This compilation was a great success as they were nominated to perform in  the 4th edition of L’ Assaba  (Association des Alliances Bantu) in Ivory Coast. The  album evokes several themes: the situation in Cameroon, orphans, mothers, students poor living conditions, and unemployment.
”Reveillez Vous” was directed and produced by NS Pictures.