April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


bp1998, Sylva and Pally discovered their passion for music & decided to compliment each other in their school (GHS LIMBE) music club.

In 2002, they began singing for the Glory of God with lyrics that inspire, multivariate, prepare, activate, challenge,and transform people to face life’s challenges, privileges,opportunities and responsibilities and ultimately bridge them from the dark phase of life to the bright phase of life.

2003, came up with a pseudonym BRIGHT PHASE a touch to further explain their choice of music. Music that bridges from wrong to right, confusion to direction, fear to faith, pain to gain and darkness to light.

It was not easy in their early beginnings until they made a good number of tours in the western, south west and north west of the republic of Cameroon. These moves exposed them for positive influence and affluence, sharpened their life stage performance and equally increased their fans.

February 2003 Beryl joined the group thus making it a trio. Together they produced a single a tittle LIVING WATER which at that level continued to announce their relevance in the world of music. Under the banner of the NATION BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL, they had their first international travel to Nigeria in 2004. While in Nigeria they were not only privileged and opportune to perform live in concerts in both DELTA and EEDO STATES, but had live TV programmes over the EDO STATES TELEVISION.

Still in Nigeria they under took a task to produce a maiden album titled WHY RELIGION (Simple Sheddy Studio) which sold in Nigeria and Cameroon though not making a mega hit.

January 2005, another face emerged (Bemo) then making the number four (SYLVA, PALLY , BERYL AND BEMO). Working with the MI studio, the group together with producer Emile M Ngumba came up with a typical contemporary Afro-style album entitled ”AFRICA Na4Be4” in 2005/2006.

At the close of 2006, they decided to embark on a project of producing the Videos of both AFRICA NA FOR BEFORE AND WHY RELIGION. This time around it was with the BLUE DROPS STUDIO. Though it caused them time, energy and money, they successfully completed this project in 2007 and immediately embarked for production and marketing in Nigeria. This trip to Nigeria unfolded to a record deal with the TREASURE WORLD RECORDS in Benin City Nigeria and smartly they added to their album a collaboration album with some Nigerian stars like Deji and Efe. Right now they are preparing for international tours both in Nigeria and Cameroon with three albums recorded.

Beside singing, they are passionate about dancing,studying, skating, browsing etc. They believe it is possible to experience the Bright Phase of life if they decide, believe and work. They are always working.

Bright Phase was nominated BEST GROUP at the 2008 KORA AWARDS and they believe the sky remains their limit.