April 12, 2024

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Julien Franck Bouadjie Monono Kamgang popularly known as Tayc is currently one of the trendiest R&B artists in France. 

In 2019, he dropped a triple album titled “Nyxia”.

  His second album called Fleur froide (2020) hit the charts globally.

  In 2021, the album earned Disque D’or for selling 50,000 copies. 

Tayc has released a new album with Dadju titled “Heritage”. 

Tayc has filled up arenas in France and other countries.


Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji, popularly known as Libianca is a became a global star for her single “People” , which topped charts. Libianca is the first Cameroonian artist to win the coveted BET awards. She recently released an album dubbed “Walk Away”. 


With 52 million views, Yamê currently has one of the trendiest Colors sessions.

Yamê developed a penchant for music from the age of 6, while in Douala. Inspired by his father, who is a musician, he started playing the piano. 

During the lockdown, Yamê decided to quit his dissatisfying day job and focus on music.

 A year and a half later, he went viral on TikTok, and has since become renowned for his unique sound bringing together video-game inspired lyrics with influences from rap, jazz, and blues.

In 2020, he dropped “Bantu Mixtape Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. 2’ and ‘Agent 237’ in 2021. 

His recent tune is titled ‘Bécane’, which means motorbikes.


 26 years old Cameroonian Ronis Goliath is making waves in the Afro pop and R&B scene in Germany.

 With his dulcet voice, lyrical adeptness and catchy melodies, Ronis has garnered a loyal following across the globe. 

His song “Foo7” is currently on the viral top 20 Spotify charts in Nigeria and in the top 200 Shazam charts in over 15 countries, which makes him one the freshest Afro Pop / R&B newcomers in europe right now.

He recently filled up an arena in Berlin with Masego.



He was honored with a YouTube plague for having over 1 million Subscribers; a milestone for a rapper of Cameroonian descent. 

 He is the first artist from the Middle East and North Africa region to be selected by Spotify for the global singles program. 

His career has witnessed a meteoric rise to prominence in the Moroccan Hip-hop scene. 

The world is gradually lending its ears to Hip Hop music from Morocco with the seismic wave of Tagne’s music. He is currently garnering an avid following in Europe and expanding to different spheres.

Born in 1997 in Casablanca, Tagne is a product of two nations with diverse cultures; a Cameroonian father and Moroccan mother. This has immensely influenced his musical direction. 

Before debuting as a solo artist, he formed the group XACTO with fellow rhymesmith Madd and later joined the popular collective known as Wa Drari Squad.

He dropped his first solo project, a mixtape titled “Moroccan Dream” in 2020. 

In 2021, he released “Nadi Canadi”, which amassed 65 million + views on YouTube. 

This year, he has released an album dubbed Lmektoub.

In July 2023, he was the launch artist for the Middle East and North Africa version of Spotify Singles, in which performers re-record songs for the platform, joining Harry Styles and Lewis Capaldi in giving older tracks a new spin.