April 22, 2024

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NEW: Cameroonian singer SETCHE releases “Batuo”


Rising Cameroonian musical-cum-patriotic sensation, Setche has released her second single, “Batuo”. This Bayangi-inclined tune is translated as “hello”, and aims at creating an awareness of the beauty of Cameroon, thus debunking the sordid picture painted by the West about her dear fatherland.

Filled with emotionally painted visuals and an artistic blend of cultural melody, this song no doubt awakens the patriotic spirit in the listener, forcing him/her to rekindle the dying embers of nationalism in their hearts.

It’s time to relax and get the message, take a break from the boom box Naija music that has so much filled the air and be consumed by the feeling of our cultural heritage. Let’s all support this movement. Let’s all support Setche!

Watch the song on YouTube here:

Download on itunes: (a percentage of the income goes to support the fight against forgotten and maltreated girls)

Like her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/setchemusic