Cameroon was abuzz with excitement when Zinnia won Nescafe African Revelation contest with BAAM and Mutzig star. The terrific singer drifted attention from music to being a  renown TV personality. She just confided in NexDim that she is gearing  to drop a new single in the weeks ahead after a long break. We caught up with her for a brief insight about the impending single;

 ”After the Nescafe, Mutzig Star and the ”Merci” avant-gout song/video , I paused my musical career and got into TV. I started at LTM as news anchor, reporter and animator. From there I moved to South Africa where I got the opportunity to work as a presenter with Planet Image productions, the producers of ”Good morning Africa” and ‘Weekend plus’ on Africa Magic DSTV under the patronage of Mr Wale Akinlabi. Tv had been a passion while music a lifestyle. So getting on tv, more so an international platform was like a dream come true. While presenting on ”Good morning Africa” I decided to test the waters which I must say paid off well. I landed myself a job with Africa’s number 1 and best urban music channel TRACE TV.  I think it’s time to get back to my old habit which was or is a lifestyle. Music. I think the Cameroonian entertainment industry is at the edge of breaking into an unbelievable ground. Grounds that will shaken the world and cause a revelation and I don’t wanna be left out. So I’m relaunching my musical career. Talking about the song, I wouldn’t say it is something that has never been heard. I’d rather say its one of those good things that happen” – Zinnia Bemo

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