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The duo, Zionside has simply been irresistible and unstoppable in the Cameroon Hip Hop scene. The uniqueness and originality of their rhythms earned them a nomination at the Mboa Hip Hop Awards 2009 for Best Fusion Album. Galaxy J One and PJ Israel Hussein,  carving their niche have been phenomenal in influencing the trail of  Hip Hop in English speaking Cameroon and breaching the disparity with French Speaking Cameroon with their charisma, hard work and determination. Music which is embraced by a massive audience cutting across  messages of change, alleviation of the plight of street kids, and appreciating the beauty of Africa. Also very commercial and appealing to the dance-floor audience, Zionside is what you would like to savour at every moment of your life. Their debut album ”E make Sense” was produced at M1 Studios and Street Thugs Studios. ”E make sense”  has been credited to be the song with the highest number of  airplay on Mt Cameroon FM. Simply the ”Afro street dream”

Enjoy good music!

Clip a la tele [audio:á-la-t+¬l+¬.mp3]

Fais toi bouger[audio:]

Meme mes parents [audio:]

E make sense[audio:]

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Zionside is a prolific Cameroonian Afro-Hop  duo, (Galaxy J One and PJ Israel Hussein) . I remember the  group was nominated for the Mboa Hip Hop Awards for BEST  ALBUM/ SINGLE  HIP HOP FUSION in 2009.

Their debut LP, ”E make Sense” with 14 tracks has just been released,  it’s been simply admirable, enjoying enormous airplay in Cameroon and goes into our records as NexDim thumps-up !.

Copies are still available now. So grab a copy by calling +237 77050054 or email

This video was directed by Dacobra House and shot in Buea.


E make sense by Zionside

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