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It’s quite controversial when a song about Yaounde en Fete is sung in What To Text Your Ex Husband Want Him Back ”Lingala” and the whole decor of the video depicts nothing Cameroonian. Albert Legrand Diamantaire ‘s song ”Yafe” is a quintessence. Quite a different image is painted of Yaounde, Cameroon with crazy , poorly dressed non-Cameroonian girls dancing in an unknown street. The video doesn’t portray a rich African cultural heritage and value. However, the high quality of the video is worth-while.

Enjoy !

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Yaounde en Fete {YA-FE 2010}

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The nations’ capital, Yaounde has been grooving to cultural festivities characterised with pomp and pageantry . Since December 18th,  Music, artistic exhibitions, games and cinema have been the major distracting activities at the Boulevard du 20 Mai in Yaounde. The event is dubbed Yaounde en Fete or YA-FE . Papa Wemba’s performance on Sunday 26th was electrifying  ! and  guess what ?

‘I don see my wife’ crooner , Dontom thrilled the population of Yaounde yesterday, 28th December with beautiful rhythms from his repertoire and you shall be having more exciting performances.

Do not miss the rest !


Samedi, 18 décembre: -Cabel
-Patou Bass
-Bisso Solo
Dimanche, 19 décembre -Sanzy Viany
-Annie Anzouer
Lundi, 20 décembre -Hugo Nyame
-Benji Mateke
Mardi, 21 décembre -Guy Watson
-Batchou Sylla
Mercredi, 22 décembre -Nkukuma
-CFA c’ chaud
Jeudi, 23 décembre -Lady B
-Bubal du Kombil (Gabon)
-Koz 2 rim (Guinée Equatoriale)
Vendredi, 24 décembre -Meiwey & le Zo-gang international
Samedi, 25 décembre -Maréchal Papillon & le Sakissa
Dimanche, 26 décembre -Papa Wemba & Viva La Musica
Lundi, 27 décembre -YA-FE Gospel Musical 2010
Mardi, 28 décembre 2010 -Jay-N
Mercredi, 29 décembre -Ateba & Cyriak de l’ère
-Ebogo Emerant & Tonton Ebogo
Jeudi, 30 décembre -Benoît Bitong
-Belka Tobis
Vendredi, 31 décembre -Carine Solo
-Majoie Ayi
Samedi, 1er Janvier 2011 -Sergeo Polo

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