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US based Afro pop rapper VILLE drops another smothering banger titled
Shikki-bambam which is a total deviation from his regular style. A
blend of Afro beat, Makossa and Soukous. Cool, sweet and catchy for
both the old and the young featuring rapper King_Kimbo.
Song is produced by Lexi Sugar. ‘I love doing music for everybody’
VILLE has come to stay; the next big act has done it again just few
weeks after releasing fresh choreography visuals for OLOPYTO.
VILLE is set to perform this track at the CONCERT FOR EBOLA RELIEF AT
the Fillmore October 3, 2014 in Maryland, USA.
Download and enjoy


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U.S. – based Cameroonian artist Vreezyville now simply goes by the name Ville. According to the hiphop artist, this name change was caused by the realisati

on that people found it hard to pronounce the name Vreezyville. Others did not even know how to pronounce it at all. So to make things easy for everyone, he has decided to simply be called Ville henceforth although the former name will just be on the side like an alias. One question would asking is why did he pick a hard- to- pronounce name in the first place? Whatever the case, this clarification is timely as it dispels any nascent speculation that the name change was to completely erase his former band past and assert himself as independent artist now that he has gone solo.


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