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Yaounde-based rapper Tity-P and DJ Daniel  released a remix version of P-Square’s ”Chop my money” early this year and registered enormous success, performing across Cameroon. The official video of ”Mange mon argent”  is finally here for you to savour. Ivorian star Lino Versace features in the video. Directed by Handy Cool.


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What will artists not do to generate hype and draw attention. Cameroonian artist Tity -P has not only remixed P-Square’s “Chop ma money” hit, he has also translated it. Yes people, translated it. After lacing the song with some coupé-décalé- style  singing, the guy goes ahead to translate the chorus into French. I know you’re  all eager to get the translation. Well, you’ll only have to listen to the track below. If this guy was seeking hype, he will surely get tons of  it. In a competition between this version ,the original and the Akon- featured remix, I think this one comes in second after the original. Nice try Mr. Tity-P but when the hype fades we’ll still be expecting more of your own hits.

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Cameroonian footballers have apparently developed a thing for being on screen. After Samuel Eto’o‘s appearance in an  X -Maleya video ,it is now the turn of Jean Makoun. The midfielder features in Tity-P‘s video release “Jeunesse star”. Although the player doesn’t utter a note all through the song his presence will surely trigger some buzz for the song. Tity-P is supposed to be a hip-hop artist but in this song he rather explores coupé-décalé. This release is a prelude to his upcoming album entitled “Vise plus haut”. Even by Cameroonian standards,this is a bad attempt at coupé-décalé. See for yourselves.

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