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Stypak Samo took Cameroon music scene by storm when he released “Shimami” , a world-class song with sweet sounding melody. After a long period of silence , he’s back with another edifying piece titled “Woyo hoo”. The visuals are impeccable.  DIRECTED by KS Empire.

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Apart from endless radio and club plays, smash hits have one distinct trait: there are the subject of countless remixes, covers, renditions and what have you. This is the case with Mony Eka“s smash hit “Un jour“. But contrary to standard practice, Mony Eka went about the remixes all by himself. I say remixes because he remixed the song six times, making an album out of one track. Of all the remixes, the most interesting is the one featuring an all star crew of  Cameroonian urban music heavy-hitters like Franky P, Stypak Samo, Boudor, Duc Z, Alberto Les Clés, Karnatox and Jay N not forgetting Mony himself. Just the line up is

enough to whet one”s appetite so enjoy this musical meal.

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Stypak Samo has been basking under the sun of fame since the release of his first opus ”Shi me mi” , which of course earned him a Canal D’Or award. He shall be on tour in five cities of Cameroon this month.


Douala : Douala Bercy : 10th August
Yaoundé : Cabaret El Pachenko 17 th August
Bafoussam : Cabaret Facebook 18th August
Nkongsamba : En plein air au Marché 22th August
Batoufam : Plein air on 25th  August

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