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SQUAZ is a Buea-based  R & B and Afro-beat sensation, a product from the group E-Ternal. He is now a  solo artist and making hits like never before. He is currently in Nigeria where he’s hooking up with a top notch record label we won’t disclose here. Squaz was the lead singer of his group, more like the Omarion of B2K (doing all the verses. Lol) and no doubt his energy and charisma is still commendable. His album shall be released soon which will be exclusively purchased via our NexDim networks.

This video was directed and produced by Achille Eteki of Binam Studios.

Enjoy this teaser!!

Squaz- If you say, make you do so

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Cameroonian R n B, Afro-pop group E-TERNAL has been passive for some time now.Rumours hold it that the value of this group was gingered by the presence of one particular singer,SQUAZ and he has gone solo.He was like the Omarion of B2K in this group.This is reminiscent of this song for Darfur.Well,he is currently in Nigeria hooking up with a gospel label that declared their intention to get him signed.We’ll be bringing to you his brand new single ”Halleluyah” subsequently.


say no to Darfur by E-ternal

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