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Sahndra Fondufe has been making an indelible footprint in the movie industry. She is currently working on a showstopping movie project titled “”YEFON”“. The US-based Cameroonian movie producer and actress has been paid tribute for her unrivalled talent and superlative valour by Ngaoundere-based Hip hop sensation SLIM . When interviewed by NexDim if he”s in love with Sahndra he says “”love is a strong word. I just like what she does and it is my way of appreciating her talent””.

Enjoy the music !

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Ngaoundere -based Hip Hop sensation SLIM keeps rocking with more songs from his rich repertoire. ”Today na today” features world class Cameroonian vocalists Achalle and Adele Clarice . SLIM ‘s unique style and captivating punchlines makes him quite promising in urban music sphere. The song was produced by DJ RLC.


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SLIM a.k.a Said BARA has been in the Hip Hop music scene for while. He has immensely contributed to the evolution of the movement in English-speaking Cameroon. Now resident in Ngaoundere , he is bent on making his presence felt across Cameroon . His eccentric lyrics and punchlines are simply captivating . The song  ”Thinking about you” which features BAAM songstress ADELE CLARICE  is his brand new single readied to  hit the airwaves. This dude must be missing someone so special. I feel your pain men ! It’s an R D Records production. 

Enjoy !

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HYPE: SLIM – Bad Girl

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Slim is a DJ and rapper from Kumba popularly known as K-Town , South West of Cameroon. He has worked with artists in the lights of Logik Konstantine, L.E.D.,Guizlay,Daddy Ro, and Da Charmin Prinz . Slim took part in the wake-up show organised by Sway and his team (Ursession). Slim Jizzy is a ready-made artist just waiting for a pay-day just like any other artist.

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