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singuila et stanley enow

Stanley Enow shall be performing at Jardins Botaniques , Libreville , Gabon on March 1st 2014. The concert will equally feature rapper Rico and ”Leslie” hit-makers LMT . Powered by Boss Playa Entertainment. His tour continues in Paris on May 3rd 2014 at Chemin du Moulin Basset, 93 200 St Denis and US in summer.

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Empire Company et CAMTEL présentent Mokobé, Duc-Z & Singuila en concert le 2 août 2013 à Yaoundé, au Palais des Sports.

”Je ne donne pas le lait” crooner Duc Z keeps climbing to his pinnacle. He shall be performing alongside France-based heavyweight artists Mokobe and Singuila. The grande concert  organised by Cameroon’s major telephony company CAMTEL in conjunction with EMPIRE COMPANY shall take place at Palais de sport in Yaounde from 7 pm sharp. For more info contact 22 55 55 55 or 828 free.

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Empire company newbie Duc Z has been basking under the sunlight of fame after dropping ”Afrika mami”. He has released the remix of  the song which brought him to the lamplight ”Je ne donne pas le lait” now featuring France-based R&B superstar Singuila and Empire company boss Pit Baccardi.


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