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Celebrated director Dr Nkeng Stephens was allegedly arrested by the police during a celebrity match at the Molyko stadium , Wednesday 28th March  . The arrest was ordered by Makossa artist Sergeo Polo who claimed Dr Nkeng Stephens had failed to deliver his video on time.

Nkeng Stephens through a PR agent DP Ndip has released an official statement debunking all rumours of his arrest divulging that he was only taken by the police for thorough questioning and wasn’t detained . This arrest came after incessant and serious threats over the phone by Sergeo Polo.

Dr Nkeng Stephens has extended his appreciation to bloggers who reached out to him  and fans for their empathy.

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Sergeo Polo has unarguably been one of the most consistent Makossa artists since his stunning debut in 1996 alongside Njohreur with a big hit titled ”Mari D’autrui” . After thrilling the African music loving public with a trail of chart-topping hits like ”Solantine”, Prisonnier” etc, Roi Polo  XVIII has resurfaced with the video of  ”Efforts Personnel’ off his new album dubbed ”Carte Postale ”. This album features Soum Bill and Kaissa Doumbe . The following video has aspects of controversy in what is chanted and what is shown. (Lol) . Discover ! . The video was directed by Max Ngassa.


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After ”Lilli” , here is a brand new video of  ”Amour a deux , Amour a vie” by   Roi Polo XVIII (Sergeo Polo) featuring Barbara Kanam. The song  bears the title of his new album released early this year. The video was directed and produced by Quentin Brown. Cameroonian artists are taking the game to another level. The video is quite alluring.


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