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One month ago, AMBE, a young artist from the North West province of Cameroon was releasing his brand new single titled
RENDEZ-VOUS, with already close to 10.000 plays on Soundcloud.

The highly anticipated video will officially be released today, and the public will get a
chance to be embarked on a journey filled with excitement, good vibes, and special

 An original concept centred around the lyrics of the song, with characters playing their
role to perfection. Luxury and beauty, (pretty) girls dancing to the song, and special
appearances by Phillbeats (who produced the song), Kezzy (sound engineer), DJ
Donald, and the sax man (like we love to call him!)

AMBE pays special tribute to the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon in this fusion of
bendskin and afropop.
No need to understand the lyrics to be carried away and appreciate this title that aims
to inspire and make you dream?not bad coming from a ghetto child!
RENDEZ-VOUS is the first song from this artist formerly known as Denzyl (from hit
songs Monika and Leavam So). The video that was directed by Dante-Fox is
available on YouTube.

Facebook: AmbeOfficial
Twitter: @AmbeOfficial

Estelle Ahanda
PR and Bookings
Facebook: Elle Ahanda
Twitter: @elleahanda /@glameventspr

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A rebranded Denzyl with a new pseudonym  Ambe has finally dropped a new terrific single titled “Rendez Vous” produced by Phillbeat .  He describes the song as a fusion of Afropop and Benskin. The song is totally breathtaking . The artist has dropped his former name to adopt his real name Ambe. But lets delve to this :

The world has known him for over a decade as Denzyl, the magic voice behind promising singles like “You stole my love way” , “Leavam so” “Monica”. Worthnoting, depending on where you’re at in your career, changing your artist/band name can either be as easy as renaming a few social profiles or as difficult as destroying every trace of your previous incarnation and humbly starting from scratch.I checked out and discovered no other band or musician is using the name DENZYL , plus the name is googleable and catchy or maybe the name DENZYL no longer reflects  the new genre of music he has dived into. So many questions  keep illuminating.  However, it would have been proper for the artist to communicate to his fans the reasons why he changed his name and take any criticism. No “esonghori ” tho. I go find Denzyl askam on NexDim Empire.

Follow the link below and share as much as you can.

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