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It’s been a bumpy ride between Empire’s mainstream artist Magasco and Newbellmusic boss Jovi. Just a day after the proliferation of news on social media about his production of Akon’s new opus “Shine your light” , Jovi has been exchanging jabs on Twitter with Magasco asking him to tender a video apology within 48hrs. Jovi seems to be exasperated at Magasco’s disrespect him. But we are not clear what went wrong.



Magasco , former band mate with Jovi collaborated on “2 much” and “Lineloba remix” under Mumak imprint  when both were gliding to glory .

Their relationship has dwindled since both parted ways.

Following words uttered by Magasco on Twitter , Jovi has disrespected his Empire Company boss Pit Bacardi and he’s equally asking him to apologize as soon as possible. The feud keeps steaming on Social media leaving fans and music pundits in doubts. Stay glued for updates.

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Just as we promised last week, here is the video of Krotal‘s latest release “la -bas”. The Yaounde- based rapper is joined by Teety Tezano who we recently  featured here on Nexdimempire . Cameroonian-born French rapper Pit Baccardi equally answers present. The video  is another  Feb 16th masterpiece. This song is a prelude to Krotal‘s upcoming album that is due for release on Youth day, February 11. The pretty girls and video quality do give the song some punch although I humbly must confess it is not Krotal’s best work yet. See for yourselves.

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Cameroonian hip-hop guru Krotal is brewing another smash hit. The shooting of the video for his song “La bas” wrapped recently and should be  a must-see given the name of the director: Febraury 16th whose name is now synonymous with top-quality videos. The making- of  leaves one eager to see the final product. With lights,babes,heavy beats and input from another rap heavyweight Pit Bacardi, this latest Krotal project is sure going to rush straight to the top to the charts upon release. Get a sneak preview at what went down during shooting.

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