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With the announcement of the nominees for the next edition of the Mboa Hiphop Awards, join our new series where we spotlight the nominees in the various categories and make predictions. Here is the first installment in this 10 part series. The best r’n’b category has one of the second highest number of nominees,7 to be exact. Here are the nominees, with pic and stats.

First on the list is Duc Z. The Douala – based rapper has been consistent on the music scene and recently garnered much cred for his smash hit “Je ne donne pas le lait“. His latest release “African mamy”  is interesting.  Brand name : Pretty well known. Hit song views : “Je ne donne pas lait” = close to 37,500 in 1 yr, “African mamy” = close to 31,500 in two months.





Next is Achalle. The crooner shot to fame after winning the 2008 edition of the talent show star2demain. He is best known for the hit “Feeling insecured“. Brand name : Kinda known. Youtube Hit song views : Feeling insecured = about 24, 100 in 4 yrs.





Right behind is Prosby. Post flirting with boy band J’E’M, he went solo and released the lady – praising hit Mboa girl“. Brand name : Kinda known. YouTube hit song views : Mboa girl = around 33, 0000 in 8 months





Then comes Sine. The slow -singing winner of AfricaStar 2008 has transformed into some sort of a rude boy with his tract “Koh koh“. Brand name = Well known. Youtube hit song views : Koh koh = 51, 600 views after 1 months




Up next is X Maleya. The boys followed up their successful albums “Exil” and eponymous “X Maleya” with smash hit -filled  “Tous ensemble” which accounts for their nomination. Brand name = popularly well known. Youtube hit song views : Tchokolo = around 511 000 after 1 yr, Son me = around 59 000 in 9 months, I go tell = 169 000 in 5 months, Yelele = around 630 000 in 3 yrs


And then One Rocky. With his track “I go love you“, the young r’n’b singer shoot to national fame. Brand name : Known. YouTube hit song views : I go love you = around 1 000, Boom boom = close to 6 000.



Dr Sley closes the list. He has been in the game for a while and can lay claim to his share of fame. buy cialis online with no prescription Brand name : Known. YouTube hit views : Down by the river side = around 1000 views. Busy busy = around 2 000.



From the look of things, this category is a two – horse race, pitting Duc Z against X Maleya. Sine and Prosby can kindly be considered outsiders. As for the rest, well…. I dare predict, come award day, X Maleya will walk home with the prize. Who disagrees if they won’t agree?



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In the Cameroonian mus

ic industry, the prospect of the festive season is synonymous with concerts and album releases. So this should not be a big surprise for music lovers. Come November 17, Bamenda is set to be the venue of a star – studded music concert. Artists like Lady B, Adah, One Rocky, Karnatox and others will make fans ecstatic when they take to the stage at the Alliance Franco- Camerounaise hall. “Line Loba” star Magasco will also be present. An after party shall take place after the concert. Who doesn”t want to be there?


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Cameroonian R&B sensation and L&F artist , One Rocky whose single ”Boom Boom” has been enthralling his fans across Cameroon shall be releasing his brand new album titled ”Mr President”. The official album launching ceremony shall take place at El Patchenko Cabaret , Kondengui on Thursday ,April 19th 2012 . Watch out for other performances from  Tony Nobody, Sultan Oshimihn, Thierry Olemba, Eric Lombardo, Collectif X-Net Phone, Ayriq Akam, Danielle Eog, Willy de Paris, Mani Bella, Dj Pat Cool, Ramzes, Sidney (Sine), and Adah. 

Entry fee: 2000 FRS (+ 1 CD ), 5000 FRS (VIP + CD + Tee Shirt)

Tel: +237 22204018 – +237 77488831 

Don’t miss !

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Cameroonian Afrobeat and pop music is gradually quenching the thirst of music lovers who had hitherto disbelieved  in consuming our urban music. A newcomer in the scene who is currently making indelible footprints is North West-raised and Douala-based ONE ROCKY. After the release of ”Boom boom’‘, he has been one of the most solicited youngsters in the Urban music scene beautifully ranked on the charts. His soul-touching voice is worth-while. His entire album was recorded , mixed and mastered at M1 Studios Buea .Why not become a fan on Facebook

”One Rocky on the microphone”

Watch this video !

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