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Cameroon’s prolific singer/songwriter returns with “Marry Me” after his last release which was about a year ago. Rexxy Baba takes his audience on a musical ride through a coloration of Njang from the North West region of Cameroon wrapped in rhythmic poetry. Pundits are already saying “Marry Me” is the love song everyone should hear especially those getting married.

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Bamenda Boy Magasco has released the video of his song ‘Marry Me” extracted from his forthcoming album. This soothing music comes after ”Fine Boy” . The video was directed by Ndukong a.k.a February 16th.


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Hmmm ! Just watched a thrilling video titled ” Can’t take it away” aired on Trace TV and guess what ! it’s # 2 on the African chart . Am so excited I got my homeboy Denzyl and One Zeal on the song . This video featured on NexDim a few days after it’s official release. If you missed out , essayez encore !

I just can’t wait to blog about this talented Cameroonian. Right away, we shall be delving into his video repertoire . Please find ample time to watch all these videos and share with friends across the world.

Denzyl a.k.a Bamenda Bwoy is undoubtedly one of Cameroon’s most promising and outstanding Hip Hop / afro-beat artist whose credibility and steadfastness deserves much concern.

Since his trip to South Africa to pursue his career, the  ”E don blow” crooner has been involved in a couple of  hot collabos and ground-breaking performances across SA with renown names in the African music scene. Denzyl’s evolution in the music scene across Nigeria where he collaborated with one of Nigeria’s biggest producers , J SLEEK and Cameroon where he was severally nominated for Mboa Hip Hop Awards between 2006 to 2009  has been described by several entertainment pundits as incredible .  Proof ! His target is definitely within a reachable distance. His dire wish is to take Cameroon by storm. Truth !  This dude means business.

Signed by US based label , Barthson Global Communications LLC managed by Cameroonian entrepreneur, Julius Barthson, Denzyl is a quintessence of what Cameroon needs.

Here are the  anticipated videos of‘Marry me’ shot in Joburg, SA. In the video, he  appreciates a girl’s beauty and strong yearning to marry her . His wistful desire finally materialises. O boy ! ”You move man ee chap ”

Watch !

”She don jazz me”  is a cool , soulful rap song by Nigerian , California bred artist , C.I Jizzle which also features Denzyl.

‘She don jazz me’  is a way of saying a woman’s charm is irresistible. The slang is commonly used in Nigeria.

The video is simply mouth-watering !

Let’s delve memory lane to discover two videos; ”Sexual magic” and ”U stole my love away”  shot  in his homeland , Cameroon.


”chaii i get names oh!…. i’m Denzyl but the Ladies call me D*,and some call me ”Denzel”,some say i am their Zyl.. but i remain Denzyl aka Da Bamenda,Bafut Bwoy! NA SO!


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