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Douala – based rapper Kastra has released a brand new video. It is titled ” cote dans les halls” and is off his mixtape ” Ils savaient que j'arrive”. The video was directed by February 16. It can be considered a visual treat although we have seen better. This video nevertheless shows  a certain consistency in the quality of recent videos from Cameroonian hip – hop artists. It also confirms the n

ew place quality occupies in the conceptualisation and marketing of Cameroonian hip-hop. If only more mainstream artists could follow suit. Enjoy the video right here.


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Big-talking Cameroonian rapper Kastra is making headlines again. The artist has released another track titled “F**k 7 industrie“. While we commend young Cameroonian artists for their output despite all the difficulties, it is hard to countenance certain things. The use of some words cannot be tolerated. By using the F word, artists like him do not do themselves or their art any favour. They only further embed the erroneous perception of hip-hop artists as wayward senseless people. Such a perception turns off a potential audience that  they need to expand the reach of their movement. Too bad. Although such words are endemic to hip-hop artists and their posturing, it distracts people who wish to get what they are saying.

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Kastra and Duc z (Left to right)

Douala -based rapper Kastra and R&B singer Duc Z are newly signed artists to MoyHold Label, headquartered at Libreville ,Gabon. Duc Z who recently travelled to France to feature on Singuila’s new album is now getting paid after several years of commitment . MoyHold is owned by a Cameroonian entrepreneur . Duc Z is a seasoned singer whose sizzling voice has been a charm to millions of fans across Cameroon.

Here is an excerpt of Duc Z’s performance of an acoustic version of his big hit ”Je ne donne pas le lait” at French Cultural Center in Douala.



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Hip hip prodigy Duc-Z will be thrilling fans in Dschang come November 3o. The concert ,captioned “Aucun lait ne sera donne“, will be held at the Manu Dibango hall of “Alliance Franco Camerounaise“. The artist who just returned recently from Chad where he took part in the Ndjamvi hip hop festival, will be performing alongside local  artists like Lauren By and 2011 breakout rap star Kastra. The  artist has been riding on the crest  of his  hit track “Je ne donne pas le lait”  which has been receiving much air-time play since its release.

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