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 “Lettre au président” star Valsero is now writing an open letter to anybody who can release him. If recent media reports quoting persons close to the artist are right, the “Général” as he likes to be called was arrested  as he led a peaceful solidarity march  for a yound lady called Vanessa whose child was stolen from a hospital in Yaounde. While we all must take this info with huge helpings  of salt and not just a pinch, one can imagine such a scenario given the activist dispensation of the guy. If he’s really been caught  we music lovers can only wonder why some musicians can’t stick to what we love them for: music.

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Douala based rapper Karnatox (KARNA) who emerged in the Urban music  scene with ”Toche” is back with a groundbreaking video directed and produced by newcomers MAKCONCEPT who just released a teaser for Adah’s ”YOKOKO” . The guy seems to be more commercial in his delivery.

”Achuka” featuring General is a brand new song with a coupe decale rhythm and dance moves .


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