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Collaborations have recently become the order of the day diflucan natural substitute on the Cameroonian urban scene. This phenomenon is particularly interesting going by the resepective genres the collaborating artists usually dabble in. One of such surprising yet interesting recent collabos is  between cool rapping Ayriq Akam and , yes you would never have guessed , Afro – soul singing Danielle Makedah, more popularly known as Danielle Eog for her hitKongossa“. The song is titled “La rage 2 vivre” ( the will to live). It’s a decent song that can quickly resonate with connoisseurs although it will not excite most Cameroonians who are fond of uptempo music. The video will be shoot tomorrow in Yaounde. Before that, get a listen and make an opinion for and by yourselves.

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Cameroon’s got talent. That’s what we keep saying and that’s we at nexdimempire want the world to see. Two of Cameroon’s most promising music  stars Teety Tezano and Danielle Eog (who featuerd alongside Krotal in the song “Je wanda“) have teamed up for a song titled “Hold on sister”. I don’t know about you but just from the bits I’ve listened to this far, it’s pure gold especially if you’re a fan of soul. A slice of soul seasoned with hints of blues – this dish is called great music.  In this song, the two ladies sound like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. I can ‘t wait for the  video which has apparently been shot already. Cameroon forward ever, forward only. Take a sneak listen and tell you’re not impressed if you’re a connoisseur. May God grease their vocals so they can always sound this great. Most Cameroonians unfortunately don’t listen to this kind of music. Tant pis pour eux.


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Cameroonian hip hop music heavyweight , Krotal has hooked up with afro soul singer , Danielle Eog in a sweet tune titled ” A nous la vie”. You’ll definitely love to dance to this .

Wuna saka !


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