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Canada-based award-winning Cameroonian Afro-pop songstress Missy Bk is undoubtedly one of the most promising artists to watch this year. On the heels of a highly acclaimed single ”Set me free” , she has taken a further mile to collaborate with Makossa diva Annie Anzouer on a powerful hit  ”My baby remix” ,which will likely be successful if massively promoted. 


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Aren”t remixes supposed to be as good as if not better than the original track? That is the way things are supposed to be until you listen to the Byg Tee – featuring remix of  Constance Bk”s “Set

me free“.  A flat unenchanting vocal rendition and cliché – ridden lyrics are the order of the day or should one say of the remix. Get  a listen for yourselves and make an opinion.

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After keeping fans waiting, Canada – based Cameroonian artist Constance

BK has finally dropped the video to her track “Set me free“. The track itself is a savvy techno – pop piece that will surely get any party going. Watch and listen.

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Canada – based Camerooni

an singer Constance BK is set to release the video to her “Set me free” track. In prelude to the release, the beauty has released a teaser. This teaser shows the artist showing off some leg and skin in body-hugging outfits that bring to mind Keri Hilson in her “Energy” video. This snippet augurs better things visually when the full – length video is released. The teaser can be seen right here on

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