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Ace rapper and singer Big G has been recording phenomenal success with his new lane of music. After making a remarkable impression with “Problem dey”, “Something is wrong somewhere”,  the Kumba-based artist now unveils this dope party tune titled “Tori dey”  produced by J Beats. Quite hilarious and deep.

Enjoy !

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After making an impressive comeback with “Mbala mbolo” featuring General Toxzik, Big G Baba 1 has unveiled the visuals of his new street anthem and widely-played tune dubbed “Problem dey”.
The story line is quite comical and entertaining .
It’s a must-watch !

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Big G Baba took the Cameroon music scene by storm when he released “E dey pain me”. He resurfaced with a club hit “Mbala mbolo”  early this year featuring General Toxzik. Without sitting on his laurels, The Kumba-based artist has decided to switch to a trending trap- rap style on his latest tune titled “Problem dey”. It’s quite an interesting piece. The song delves into a hustlers state of mind, the hardship and struggle . Produced by Mafy. 
Listen and share.

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Big G received remarkable exposure and created a loyal fanbase after his “E di pain me” hit. The Kumba-based Afro-pop artist has resurfaced with a worthwhile collabo with prolific and versatile artist General Toxzik On a thunderous dance tune titled “Mbala Mbolo”. The video has been hitting the airwaves in Cameroon with much acclamation. Video directed by Dr Nkeng Stephen.

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Hoping y’all can still  reminisce on K – town’s Big G via here,  Cameroon’s own mistaken by many to be a Nigerian, well Nexdim just got informed about the upcoming video of  the much danced hip hop hit ‘E Di Pain Me’ by the end of January 2012. The video which is already on Africa Magic though still under some works will also be in a remixed version with makossa icon Annie Anzouer. Sure thing it will be a banger to us all.



E di pain me:


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Kumba based uprising stars have taken upon themselves to storm the yards of the music industry, the guys are giving themselves no rest. So does Rayca Hood featuring the  popular Big G in an everyday experience hit entitled ‘Man Go Do Wati’. Putting together all the happenings of each and every  Cameroonian’s lifestyle, the outcome is  some experiences  like John’s wife giving birth to Paul’s child coupled with the struggles in the country’s system. However, Cameroonians find peace and consolation in drinking so much so that at the end of the day what can a man do? nothing but as it goes in this hilarious hit ‘man go do wati heeey heey man go do wati take one shak for ma name u pay’. Funny isn’t it?


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K-Town based rapper and singer , Big G had a breakthrough after the release of  ”E dey pain me”. The single which features Achalle, proliferated across Cameroon in 2010 establishing him as one of South West’s most successful acts ever. The crooner is back with a nu single titled ”Chocolate party” off his upcoming album produced at M1 studios, Buea. Achalle’s voice seems to be the mellow and magic voice that makes it happen for Big G. . The song is rated 18. It’s obscene ! Hey kid , keep your ears outta here .

Chocolate party[audio:]

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K-TOWN is back in this building.

Big G is a K-Town based Afro Hip Hop artist. He is currently working on his next studio album at M1 studios, Buea which will be mastered in Nigeria. I hooked up with him at M1 recording studios where he is dropping some hot stuff Cameroonians will vibrate to. It’s a whole evolutionary and unique style he’s emerging with. According to Big G, there will be so many surprises in the album, like featuring highly rated artists in the industry .This, he still conceals from  me. His second studio album which featured Achalle, Daddy Ro and Westoxc was a huge success. This particular song ”E di pain me” was banging in almost every phone, home, bar and night club  competing with P Square’s  ”E no Easy” .

E di pain me by BIG G [audio:]

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