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Great music is great music. You can’t deny it even if you want to. The following is the track “Trop tard”  from rapper Big B-zy ‘s “One day,one Day” album. Champagne up- man Franky P provides the seasoning on this one. This is what you get when two musical virtuoso’s connive.

Big BZY feat. Franky P – Trop tard by FrankyP

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After two solo albums, Cameroonian rapper, El Gringo a.k.a Big Bzy is back with a brand new album ” One day , One D” produced by his label Kamer Sounds  in partnership with DJ Rene’ s So Sound Records. Here is the video of  ”J’en ai marre” extracted from the album. The video was produced by Kmer Sounds.


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The Hip Hop Makossa adept ”GRINGO AU MIC” , a.k.a Big Bzy is currently in the studio to round up the recording of his new album titled ”One day, One D”. Hmm! I was about ending the phrase with ” E go pay”. Talking to Big Bzy, he confided that he has invited makossa artists like Kaissa Pakito, Papa Zoe and Hugo Nyame and Hip hop sensations like Franky P, VBH, Green Color to feature in the album.

Big Bzy was the first rapper to release an album in Cameroon on the 30th of May 2000 and Negrissm released theirs 2 months later.

”We di hope say this album ”One Day,One day go surely pay oh!”


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