Comedian Spacko

Steveslil Njang (NexDim CEO)

Xtreme Dance Crew

Hood Fame performing

Ngwane Hansel(Comedian)

Reneta Ndisang (Designer)

Ebot Blaise and Nsang Dilong

Dr Sley



JJ Nshom

The much-talked about and anticipated event dubbed the ”NexDim DVD Launch Party” sparked-off at 7:45 pm yesterday August 11th at the Celebrity Corner with a myriad of Cameroonian entertainment celebrities and guests gracing the beautifully star-ornamented Red Carpet looking beguiling and jaunty. One of the most flamboyant ! . The classiness, style and grandeur of stars like Wax Dey (South Africa),Fire Tongue (France), Adah (Yaounde), Nollywood producer D.O.P (Nigeria)  , Threshold (STV), Dr Sley,Hood Fame (Bamenda), King Aluan(Yaounde), Galaxy J One, comedian Spacko (Kumba) ,Damien Blue, Master Chill, Rene Etta Tabot, Mabel (BAAM) ,Jo’Shady and models Emade Syndy , Nsang Dilong, Fredash wowed the paparazzo.

By 9 pm the hall was already jam-packed beyond capacity, utter ignition of hysteria while a  preview of Cameroonian urban music videos dazzled the audience.

Refined and versatile hosts Epule Jeffrey and smashing beauty JJ Nshom kept  the tempo high,  blazing the ardour of the audience.

Attention drifted from the Red Carpet to the stage  with a chain of electrifying performances by South Africa-based artist Wax Dey singing a remix of ”Wifey” featuring Dontom, Adah, Dr Sley, Damien Blue, Denzyl, Rhythmz ,chanting ”Honey moon’ , Fluri boys (Thursday nite), Menko, , Hood Fame , Da Breeze,One Pablo, Xtreme Dance Crew, BPD, Jo’Shady, King Aluan, Xkizzy, MP3 , Spacko and Ngwane Hansel thrilling the audience with comedy.

Everyone in the hall went home with a copy of the NexDim DVD , which is a compilation of the ”NEXDIM SHOW” and top Cameroonian urban music videos.


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