Joseph Owona, President of Normalisation Committee

Cameroon Football has been wrecked following the scramble for power over FECAFOOT. After suffering a shameful ban from international representation until a normalisation committee is instituted, a diplomatic encounter between two ministers and Sepp Blatter in Zurich has given positive results. The normalisation committee has been set up headed by former minister Joseph Owona. The committee which will be installed on Monday 22nd July constitutes;

President: Joseph OWONA,

Vice-President: Ngassa Happy


– Michel Kaham,
– Ebenezer Mouloké,
– Ephraïm Ngwafor,
– Owona Pascal Bailong,
– Anack Ntonyé,
– James Mouangue Kobila,
– Jonathan Fombé,
– Amadou Evelé,
– Minkoa Che.

FIFA and CAF representatives:

– Primo Corvaro
– Prosper Abega.

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