May 30, 2024

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CRTV’s Bonjour:Not completely at the heart of the nation

After years of  endless criticism,the CRTV seems to have awoken from its coma and is now trying to be part of 21st century audiovisual broadcasting.This revolution is visible at the level of program content and quality.Despite this pro-audience shift,some of  its leading programs do not coincide with its new slogan:at the heart of the nation.This slogan augurs a more kamer-centric leaning.However,a flagship program like “Bonjour” seems to be at the heart of other nations when one looks at its kitchen slot.Instead of celebrating Cameroonian cuisine which is a rich as it is diverse ,we are served foreign dishes.Who then will popularise “Eru”,”Khati-khati” and “N

dole”  if not the country’s pioneer and national TV station. Feel free to disagree.