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This 5th episode of the famous Hansel Show takes humorous shots at Jovi, Gasha, Rigobert Song and politics .

New Bell boss Jovi has a strong addiction for flaunting weed in his music videos. The comedian says Jovi deserves his own brand of weed called ‘Joviweed” . The rapper has reacted to the video in a lighthearted manner contrary to what his fans expected. 

Gasha’s obscene outfit that went viral on social media is also a subject of humour on this episode. 

Former Cameroon football team captain and current coach of Intermediate Lions Rigobert Song’s seemingly unflinching support for the ruling party CPDM also ignited negative remarks on social media. 

To get the details and comic approach, watch the full video below. 

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In this extremely hilarious episode, Hansel , the comedian had Ewube as special guest.

He grills celebrity rapper Stanley Enow on his lyrics , getting excerpts that suggest the “Hein Pere” hitmaker can be a  good cook as he mentions a variety of soup ingredients ; pepper, Egusi,  Kanghwa etc. 

Stanley Enow has reacted to this comic approach by commenting with the “laughter emoticon” under the post. 

Apart from Stanley Enow,  he talks about Locko, Ewube, Rick Ross etc 


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Kuzzah TV is proud to announce the second season of The Hansel Show. The comedy show returns for a second run on July 7. Hosted by Cameroon comedian Ngwane Hansel, the show will air on Hitv and will be available online on its official platforms. The show comes up every Friday at 7:30pm.

The Hansel Show is a very topical comedy show, based on a news report format. Comedian Ngwane Hansel seeks to tackle daily events with his usual touch of edgy, intellectual humour. Common topics like social life, religion, politics etc will be given a comic makeover.

The first season ended in January, and six months after, the audience will expect a new look. The host’s traditional regalia will be swapped for a more classy “tie and suspenders” look which sets him apart. The “Hansel mug”, however remains. After all, it acts as his co host!

The show is created and presented by Hansel, with Eta Frank and the former acting as the show runners. The 2nd season will run for 3 months, and will have surprise celebrity guests.


Instagram / Twitter:  thehanselshow

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Intellectual comedian Ngwane Hansel has made an emphatic come-back into the entertainment scene. Known for his thought-provoking satire and comic posts on social media,  Hansel is about to ignite a new trend on television . 

He is set to launch his comedy TV show dubbed “THE HANSEL SHOW“, the maiden edition to air on CMTV Friday, October 21st. 7pm sharp.

Watch out ! 

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Hansel Media will be organizing a soccer match for development on the 27th of August at the University of Buea stadium. This match is to raise awareness on the difficulties faced by Cameroon youths that hinder their personal and collective growth in the technological, cultural, educational, social and health domains.
The match will pit Cameroon entertainers versus Star Veterans, a home based soccer team. Entertainers will have to create a lineup to be announced later and will see a host of dignitaries gracing the event. Interested entertainers should contact the organizers so that provisions are made in time.
Already, a number of entertainers have begun sending in their information as well as their jersey numbers (big shock). The general public is invited to come and witness this iconic event and help generate buzz for development. Prizes will be given in the following categories:
• Best player
• Most disciplined player
• Best fan club
Any form of support or donations is appreciated. Let’s save the date!

For more info
+237 679709472

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The award-winning movie “Damaru”  keeps exhaling putrid air as the executive producer and writer  Ngwane Hansel and director Agbor Obed remain unsettled. 

 The movie has streamed on international TV channels without the consent of Ngwane Hansel and shall be screened during the launching of a shopping mall in Buea  this December still without his notice. The actor and writer  Ngwane Hansel took to Facebook to decry this flagrant abuse and severely warns that the movie shall not be screened on that day ;

My continuous silence and tolerance about this “Damaru movie” saga should not be taken as a sign of weakness.
After numerous unsuccessful attempts to level the playing field, it looks like YOU (you know yourself) want to take my hard work for granted. I have turned a blind eye on many occasions when YOU took upon yourself to accrue profits from my sweat and the sweat of others involved in this movie. No more.
I was taken aback when I saw this post online. Such a sham you are. We are watching you.
In this light, the movie Damaru will NOT be screened at this event. Any violation will be met with prosecution. Thanks.”


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MakHan Productions is pleased to announce the first ever “Kamer Kings of Comedy” show which will feature the best in English Cameroon comedy. This show is aimed at promoting constructive comedy from English Cameroon as well as create an arena for talent discovery. Slated for December 11th at the Black and White Cabaret (Hotel Residence Carlos), this show promises to be a revolutionary event in the Cameroon Entertainment industry.
With comic faces like Ngwane Hansel, Nofuru and Christian, (Senior Pastor of the Laughing Ministry), the audience will be served a thrilling 2-hour show sprinkled by surprise acts from artists and other special acts. The show’s main sponsors, HiTV and Hotel Residence Carlos have already released official statements pertaining the organization of the event. Stay tuned for subsequent updates.
A teaser had been released on YouTube and can be viewed here:

Event: Kamer Kings of Comedy
Date: Thursday, 11th December 2014
Time: 6pm
Fee: 1000 CFA
Venue: Hotel Residence Carlos

MakHan Productions
Tel: +237 67938-6096 / +237 67970-9472
Twitter: @MakHanProd
Youtube: MakHan Productions

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English-speaking entertainer Ngwane Hansel has  released his first official music single entitled “Check” . This highly controversial albeit talented entertainer has teamed up with rising star Mic Monsta on this fabulous track . Under his stage name “Hansel N”, he has joined the ranks of top class Cameroon urban artists to make his mark. The song was produced by PhilBillbeatz.

Listen and download via Soundcloud :


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Zumhoo Studio Work is proud to announce the soon-to-be released brand new satirical comedy show  “The Good, The Bad ,The funny” . Hosted by  intellectual comedian Ngwane Hansel, the show will focus on comic absurdities in show biz, politics , relationship and other aspects of our social existence . Directed by A.O.A , this show will definitely be one of its kind as its originality and comical approach albeit controversial content will keep you addicted. Stay glued for the digital release in Wednesday 12.02.2014.



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