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Nexdim Empire proudly introduces sultry RnB-Afro pop sensation STEVESLIL. Heavily endowed, his lyrical artistry and perfectly sublime vocal timbre is vividly portrayed in his beautifully crafted love tune titled ‘Ebangha’. The Bayangi name ‘Ebangha’ is a prototype of a feline African lady whose unmatched physical qualities  and irresistible charm lures Steveslil to fall head over heels at a house party . Steveslil portrayed as a celebrity after a bet with friends braces up and steps to the girl who easily falls carried by his charisma, aura and fame.

‘Ebangha’ co-produced by Steveslil and Z-lex  is an extremely steamy song with a catchy hook ‘You di make my heart di cut’ which fits dreamily into modern RnB mold.

The video was directed by NexDim Entertainment’s Didiblaise and produced by Mr Adrenaline. Enjoy and share as much as you can to uphold Cameroon.

Ebangha video

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Photo: (c) Adrenaline Visual Effects Studios

While working on the official video of his mind-blowing and phenomenal song ”Ebangha”, R&B and Afro-pop sensation Steveslil is equally concocting a thumping single to be released in June.  Adrenaline Studios got some amazing photos during his video shoot. 

Steveslil and video vixen Shymy

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740479_10151193798011017_1870154875_oNexDim correspondent caught up with R&B/Afro-pop sensation and NexDim CEO , Steveslil ‘’The Panjo Master’’ for a brief interview about his new single ‘’Ebangha’’ which is currently hitting the airwaves.

Enjoy !

NEXDIM: Hello. Steveslil

Hi .

NEXDIM :What is this name ‘’Panjo Master’’ all about ?.

‘’Panjo’’ is an appellation given to the state of madness. If you were so bookworm in school, you were referred to as ‘’Panjo boy or girl’’. My deep penchant for music made some friends and family members to think I was ‘’Panjo’’. (laughs). After using this word to mean getting crazy for a girl in my single’’ Panjo’’, I adopted the alias ‘’Panjo Master’’.  No  query!

NEXDIM: ‘’Ebangha’’ is gradually encroaching everyone’s soul. What inspired you to pen a song for ‘’Ebangha’’.Is it a true life experience?

I wrote this song to all African girls , specifically Bayangi girls appreciating their beauty, using ‘’Ebangha’’ as a prototype. Maybe my subconscious intuition influenced me a little.I remember the first girl I really developed a crush on during Secondary school was called ‘’Ebangha’’.(Laughs) . When my friends Churchill and Didi listened to the sketchy beats I had produced and chanted at home, they made me understand it was a great song. We made a home video and posted on Youtube which had a positive impact on social network. I knew it was propitious.

NEXDIM: So many music pundits have criticized

Z-lex’s verse for having some immoral aspects. What’s your impression?

I think if you want to follow his lyrics keenly and deduce the sense from it, he isn’t offensive. However ,we have a censored version of the song which won’t have what music pundits consider offensive.People love the original version though.

NEXDIM: Z-lex did an incredible job on the production of the song and his rap verse was stunning. Did you foresee he was going to be the right person to create the magic?

Yea. Z-lex and I have been friends for close to 5 years now. We did music together in Molyko back in the days when Last Land Records was hatched. We had collaborated on songs like ‘’On da show’’ and ‘What’s happening’’. I am so much aware of his prowess and capabilities. Whenever we work together , music is produced like magic. I had worked on the sketchy instrumental of ‘’Ebangha’’ which I used on a video I hitherto posted on Youtube. He perfected what I had produced and made it deluxe. We used just a day to produce, record, mix and master the song. I got into the booth and had just one take, and the song was done. I think it was my fastest recording session ever. I believe so much in his skills.

NEXDIM:What has been the public appraisal after the release of this single?

I am so impressed so far. The song is presently having airplay on radio and clubs around the world. I have had a panoply of messages from US, UK,Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria etc via Facebook ,Twitter and other social network appreciating my song, the appraisal being that the song has an incredible vibe. I appreciate all the DJs promoting my record.

NEXDIM: What is your plan for the future after the release of ‘’Panjo’’ , Ebangha’’ and ‘’I go marry you’’?.

While promoting the singles, I am planning to shoot the videos .I hope to work with the best video directors in Cameroon . I will release the entire album only after the videos are done. By God’s grace all will be well. A top video director based in Paris is interested in  as well as other African video directors.

NEXDIM: How do you rate the music industry in Cameroon at this level ?

From my keen observation, we are progressing in our standard and quality of music and videos. We have tones of talents in Cameroon. Jovi, Dr Sley, Magasco,Renise, Sine,Achalle, Adah,West Don, Pazzo,Rough Kumbaboy, Z-lex ,Museba and many others are making the world believe in us. But I think we still have

a lot of work to do to get our music heard. We need to augment our efforts to get our music promoted and exported. We should also learn to support each other rather than developing contempt. I hate to see brothers in the industry fighting and slandering .Should I call it ‘Beef’’?. The recent Red Eye powered Mega Jam was a veritable representation what the level we have attained so far.

NEXDIM: We recently got rumours of  your endorsement deal with a JC Wear.Is this true?

Yea .I recently signed an endorsement deal with a Yaounde-based clothing company called JC Wear.They are very creative guys and I”ll love to have a long working relationship with them. I am currently promoting  their brand all over Cameroon. Some of their designs will be seen in my upcoming videos. It”s exclusive.

NEXDIM: It was great having you.

Thanks .

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00000;”>Steveslil“s much-talked about single “”Ebangha”” has been a cracking tune to everyone”s ears. The opus is now available for you to listen on Youtube. Courtesy of William Takor of BlackTriangle. You can download the single by clicking on


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The Cameroonian urban music scene is on the runway, set for take – off. One of those who can rightly be considered to be a force behind this rebirth is Z -Lex. The singer/producer is blazing the trail like few if not no other before him. Least recent hits like Duc – Z 's “Je ne donne pas le lait” bear his hallmark, current ones like Steveslil's “Ebangha” are embroidered with his voice and technical input. At this pace even those to come will not be spared his magic touch. He is currently concocting a track for Cameroonian hip-hop heavyweight Krotal. The song will be unveiled during the upcoming Annual Show in Douala. Even before the final track is released, we can only imagine that it is going to be another screamer like “Ossey” or the recently – released freestyle track featured below. Since this guy is a chef when music is concerned, we can only wish you “bon appetit”. Big up to Cameroonian talent. Right after the freestyle track is “Ossey” and Ebangha, all for your enjoyment.



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Steveslil 's tuneful brand nu single ''Ebangha'' has been enjoying a warm embrace after one week of its release . The R&B/pop crooner has established a close working relationship with Lastland Records, Douala where he shall possibly record his entire album. ''Z-l

ex is the most versatil

e music producer I've ever worked with . Our music ideas neatly fit together and the output gets amazing. I am currently promoting my singles while working on the entire album by God's grace.  Probably a NexDim-Lastland collabo''  Says Steveslil. To his fans ,  ''Ebangha'' is now available for Free download via the link below .



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Versatile R&B and pop sensation Steveslil  just unveiled his highly anticipated opus  titled ”Ebangha”. This beaut comes after ”PANJO” , a club-banger which got him on a pedestal as one of the finest pop artists in Cameroon. The catchy and tuneful song ”Ebangha” is a tale of  admiration, how Steveslil approaches an irresistible and unmatchable beauty , a Manyu girl called ”Ebangha”. The lyrics of the song is rich in originality , easy to relate to. The song features talented Douala-based rapper and music producer Z-lex of Lastland Records .

Composer: Njang ‘Steveslil’ Mbu

Instrumentals produced by : Z-lex (Lastland Records) & Steveslil (NexDim Ent.) 





Na ne muet etchi sairey 

Throw your hands up in the air like this  

Lastland Records


I see this fine fine lady

The way she wind, everybody wants to talk to her (talk to her)

Then I gather courage , stepped to her,then I asked her baby what’s your name

Baby …

She said her name na Ebangha, Bayangi girl with the cutest smile

I like it, I like it

I love the way she twists her lips, my feelings di make me trip

Ebangha, Ebangha


You di make my heart di cut, cut , cut , cut , cut

Hey ngoreh oh

Make my heart di cut ,cut , cut uhh  baby

You di make my heart di cut, cut , cut , cut , cut

Hey ngoreh oh, hey ngoreh oh

Ereti ngoreh oh


Hey ngoreh, you sweet like ndole

Na you di kick my ball like Torres

Your beauty di cause confusion

Hypnotic,  I love your diction

Eh eh girl  ! Etchi sairey

Baby you di make me I di feel hirray

For million girls , na you all day ,Apart from you …


You di make my heart di cut, cut , cut , cut , cut

Hey ngoreh oh

Make my heart di cut ,cut , cut uhh  baby

You di make my heart di cut, cut , cut , cut , cut

Hey ngoreh oh, hey ngoreh oh

Ereti ngoreh oh


Na ne muet etchi sairey 

Throw your hands up in the air like this  

Etchi sairey etchi sairey

Z-LEX Read More

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Steveslil a.k.a Panjo Master has been busy promoting his new single ”Panjo” and the embrace has been impressive! . After performing for Guinness promotion during the just ended University games , he has embarked on working on other songs that will feature in his repertoire. ”Ebangha” is one of the joints he’s been working on. NexDim camera took some shots of Steveslil freestyling the song after producing the beats.

You may  like it !

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